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Specifier's guide to Solar PV - Appendix 1 ONLY

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Specifier's Guide to Solar - Appendix 1 only - Q1 2019


If you have already downloaded our Specifiers Guide to Solar, you may be interested in our Q1 2019 quarterly update of Appendix 1 of the main guide.

The quarterly update gives up-to-date information on:

  • solar subsidies;
  • efficiency (footprint per kWp),
  • solar power costs;
  • lifetime costs of solar per kWh. 


If you haven't already downloaded the full guide, we recommend you download the full guide instead. It contains the latest prices.

The Specifiers Guide to Solar is aimed at contractors, consultants, architects, quantity surveyors, estimators and procurement specialists... basically anyone who has to specify or purchase solar as part of a development.

For the quarterly price update only, submit your details on the right and we will email you the update.