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Specifier's Guide to Solar PV

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Specifier's Guide to Solar PV

Our Specifier's Guide to Solar is aimed at contractors, consultants, architects, quantity surveyors, estimators and procurement specialists... basically anyone who has to specify or purchase solar as part of a development.

For most people specifying solar, solar is just one of a long list of systems to design, contracts to let or budget targets to meet.

Time is limited, budgets are stretched.

Our solar guide will help you to avoid the pitfalls that come from failing to prepare. It should ensure that you:

  • size the system to meet the output (kWh) target;
  • comply with the panel and inverter specification;
  • obtain all of the necessary approvals early on in the specification process;
  • understand the installation process and timescales, and make the right preparations.

It also provides ballpark costs and area estimates for different sized systems, so that you can do back-of-envelope calculations with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

We issue regular updates to keep you up to date with panel efficiencies and the cost per kWp of solar.