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Guide to Solar with Battery Backup

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Battery backup guide

Guide to Residential Battery Backup

How much extra will backup add to the cost of a battery storage system? And is a solar backup system worth the money?

The immediate assumption that most of us make when considering battery storage is that if we are going to install a system, it must – and it will - provide backup in the event of a power cut.

In reality, the baseline functionality of a residential battery storage system is to utilise excess solar on site, and possibly also to allow for avoidance of peak time grid costs.

Providing backup is not included within the baseline functionality of many systems.

If you are considering a storage system, consider carefully:

  • whether you want to dedicate part of your storage capacity to backup;
  • how big the backup should be;
  • which loads to backup;
  • solar panel backup - will the solar panels continue to work in a power cut? 

This guide covers all you need to know, from automatic and manual back-up, to non-UPS and everything in between.