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Head-to-Head: Powervault 3 vs Tesla Powerwall 2

Powervault 3 vs Tesla Powerwall 2

Powervault 3 vs Tesla Powerwall 2

Head-to-Head Comparison

Our guide compares two market leading home battery storage systems: Powervault 3 and Tesla Powerwall 2.  The guide covers:

  • specification: power (kW), capacity (kWh), dimensions, weight etc;
  • warranty: the devil is always in the detail - we feel that one of the batteries has a rather challenging warranty;
  • functionality: what's here already, what's coming from storing excess solar to back-up, buying cheap / using peak and earning income from providing grid balancing services and from energy trading;
  • chemistry: Powervault 3 is Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP), whilst Powerwall 2 is Lithiated Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC) - the guide discusses the pros and cons of each of these chemistries;
  • lifetime performance: guaranteed minimum output (kWh), warranted life and expected life;
  • economic comparison - rough cost, expected payback time, simple return on investment etc;
  • scalability - for standard single phase (230V) connections, and for 3 phase (400V) connections.

Deciding which home storage system is right for you can be tricky.  In summary, our guide aims to cover everything you need to know when considering investing in a home storage system. 

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Comments from our readers on our Powerwall 2 Guide

"Really useful. Learnt some information that I had not seen elsewhere in my research." 5/5

"I thought the guide was very clear and not over technical. It gave a fair account of the Powerwall 2 and it was useful to see your comparison chart." 5/5

"Very detailed guide and gives a good comparison of technical details between competing products." 5/5

"It's refreshing to have the facts, the science and the alternatives presented so well." 5/5

"Clear explanation and honest enough to explain the limitations too." 5/5

"Very good! Showed that it wasn't for me at present." 5/5

"The guide makes me think that I ought to be looking into it further!" 4/5