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Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla Powerwall - Is it right for me? How much does the Tesla battery cost.

Powerwall 2: the 15 minute road test

Is Powerwall 2 right for me?

Our guide is an in-depth guide to the functionality of the Tesla Powerwall 2, with a head-to-head comparison between the Tesla solar battery and other residential solar storage systems. The guide covers:

  • Powerwall 2 functionality: what's here already, what's coming from storing excess solar to back-up and buying cheap / using peak;
  • Powerwall 2 installation: permission from the grid - how to fast track, basic schematics and of course some pictures;
  • specification of Powerwall 2 versus other comparable battery chemistries and systems;
  • economic analysis for typical and large residential properties for Powerwall 2 and competitor systems - how much can you save by installing a Tesla solar battery, or any other residential solar storage system?

In summary, has Elon Musk (the vision behind all things Tesla including the Tesla car, the Tesla solar battery and Tesla solar tiles) got it right or wrong?

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Comments from our readers

"Really useful. Learnt some information that I had not seen elsewhere in my research." 5/5 - Alex W

"I thought the guide was very clear and not over technical. It gave a fair account of the Powerwall 2 and it was useful to see your comparison chart." 5/5 - Mike B

"Very detailed guide and gives a good comparison of technical details between competing products." 5/5 - Marc E

"It's refreshing to have the facts, the science and the alternatives presented so well." 5/5 - John W

"Clear explanation and honest enough to explain the limitations too." 5/5 - Benedict M

"Very good! Showed that it wasn't for me at present." 5/5 - Hereward C

"Thorough, unbiased & comprehensive - excellent overview." 5/5 - Richard H

"Nice clear guide... much better than the information on the Tesla website! Helped me to understand the product." 4/5 - Michael