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Guide to Residential Solar PV Installation


In 15 minutes, you'll be able to access our expert knowledge gleaned over several years and 2000+ domestic solar panel installations. 


Not only will our guide ensure you fully understand the economics of solar, it will also help you to:

  • make sure your system is well-sized and well-designed;
  • understand the differences between on-roof, in-roof, complete solar roof and solar tiles;
  • get the most out of your roof with the best domestic solar panels and the right inverter;
  • make sure your solar pv installation is future-proofed for battery storage (ideally, you won't miss out on the battery storage VAT saving);
  • look after your roof by ensuring you understand the structural implications of solar panels;
  • avoid the pitfalls of shading;
  • understand what should be included by your solar panel installers.

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