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Solar Panel Installation Guides

Commercial Solar PV

Guide to Commercial Solar Panels

Guide to Commercial Solar PV 

If you own your roof, or intend to be in your premises for 10+ years, Solar PV is a fantastic investment.


Solar electricity costs around 3p per kWh - a fraction of the 10 to 12p per kWh that most businesses pay from the grid.


It's clean, it's green and stakeholders love it.


You do need to install the right kit though, and get the right permissions.  Planning, DNO, structural etc.... our commercial solar installation guide covers everything you need to know.


Contents include:

  • how solar PV works;
  • subsidies and incentives: the Feed-in Tariff;
  • costs and expected financial return;
  • different mounting systems, ground mounted and rooftop solar;
  • guide to panels, inverters and monitoring systems;
  • maintenance and warranties;
  • permissions, structural compliance and the EPC requirement.

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