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Emergency Lighting Guide

emergency lighting guide

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Spirit Emergency Lighting Guide


Is your emergency lighting compliant? Don't leave yourself open to prosecution!

Our guide discusses:

  • the regulations behind emergency lighting and key compliance issues;
  • minimum lux levels for emergency lighting;
  • emergency lighting design requirements and the different types of luminaire;
  • emergency lighting testing: emergency lighting test frequency and emergency lighting test procedures;
  • test systems: switching to self-test emergency luminaires or automated test systems;
  • LED emergency lighting - considerations when upgrading mains lighting to LED.

Comments from our readers

"Excellent guide with plenty of references back to British Standards." 5/5 - Richard

"Very useful guide for any building maintenance operatives." 5/5 - Derek

"Very informative." 5/5 - Chris

"It's a very difficult subject to deliver the message at an appropriate level but I found your guide very good. I have used it to educate clients regarding their specific requirements for installing emergency lighting in their premises." 4/5 - David